Varisco self priming pumps

Varisco has a long-standing experience and expertise in designing and producing pumps for professionals in the Construction, Industry and Safety sectors.

Our success is the result of our ability to provide our clients with the best technical solutions within a wide range of standard and customized products according to the specific requirements of our clients.

Varisco's pumps can meet the most difficult requirements in the construction industry, as they ensure flow rates up to 20,000 l/m (1.200 m3/h), head pressures up to 110 m and a solid passage up to 3''.

Moreover, Varisco can provide the Industry with different types of centrifugal and volumetric pumps, which guarantee flow rates up to 20,000 l/min (1,200 m3/h) pressure values up to 48 bar and viscosity up to 1,000,000 cPs. This wide range of pumps can meet the most demanding requirements in the various industrial sectors.

Moreover, Varisco can provide a wide range of high performance self-priming engine driven pumps, with flow rates up to 20.000 l/min (1.200 m3/h) and a solid passage up to 3’’, designed and set up according to the technical specifications of the Fire Brigade and Civil Defense Service. Finally, the firefighting units (EN 12845), with flow rates up to 600 m3/h, complete the range of solutions available for the safety industry.