Dynamic balancing

When repairing rotary machines it is essential to have the rotating part in balance to avoid premature failures. We do both static and dynamic balancing in our workshop on rotors received from any region of the country. Size, part type and the nature of the failure determines whether static or dynamic balancing is needed. Determining dynamic failiure such as 180° mass difference is not possible with static balancing. In contrast to this, during dynamic balancing this type of error is measurable and as a result it can be repaired.

Furthermore in case of working with massive and wider rotors, e.g. rotors of electric motors or larger pump impellers dynamic balancing of the rotary parts. Balancing procedure is done according to the relevant standards. With our dynamic balancing instrument we can accept rotating parts between the following limits: weight is maximum 700 kg, bearing supporting distance is maximum 1500 mm and the diameter of the rotor is not bigger than 1850 mm.

Most common task:

  • Balancing pump impellers and complete rotors
  • Balancing electric motor rotors
  • Balancing fan impellers and complete rotors
  • Decanter centrifuge bowl and scroll balancing
  • Balancing of couplings

We grant our customers six months of warranty for the balancing works made in our workshop. Our company holds ISO 9001: 2001 certification since 2002 and the high quality of our services are also secured by this quality management system.