We work with professionally qualified colleagues in our machining plant using traditional machines, CNC machines and professional tools. In addition to pump parst, mechanical seals and various rotary machine parts, we undertake the production of other special, machined ecquipment parts in smaller and larger series as well.

Depending on the parameters of our machines, but regardless of industry we undertake the production of the machined parts in different quantities. We manufacture parts from the most special materials, the quality of the raw material doesn’t cause any problem. It makes no difficulty finishing raw-parts or semi-manufactured parts eihter. Furthermore our machining plant provides parts for pumps, mechanical seals, rotary machines which are being repaired in our workshop.

We have the following available machines:

  • CNC turning machine
  • CNC milling machine
  • universal turning machines
  • universal milling machines
  • cylindrical grinding machines
  • lapping machines

Most common manufacturing jobs in our machining plant are:

  • Mechanical seals parts: stationary and rotary seal faces, casings, inserts, seeger rings, pins, positioning parts
  • Shaft sleeves, bushings
  • Shafts, shaft nozzles, shaft ends
  • Volutes and pump casing repair
  • Impeller and stage casing finishing
  • Wearing ring production
  • Assembly and manufacturing of valve parts
  • Bearings production from special materials
  • Manufacturing of stainless steel parts
  • Parts made of PTFE, POM, PEEK and any other industrial plastics