Körting ejectors technology

Ejectors and vacuum technology

For nearly 150 years now Körting Hannover AG has been in the business of supplying engineering performance, components and systems for process engineering plants. Körting offers many years of experience, expertise and continuous development of the Körting products. With Körting know-how, customised solutions can always be implemented beginning with the specification of concept and leading over the supplying of components right up to the turn-key plant.

Körting ejectors can be used in a wide range of applications. Each ejector is individually designed for its application and optimally suited for the specific use. In design, construction and manufacturing Körting draws on its extensive experience of almost 150 years in the application of ejectors in a wide variety of processes.

Jet pump, ejector, motive media pump, injector - many names, same design and working principle
A jet pump works without a mechanical drive and therefore offers high reliability in continuous operation mode. Körting jet pumps and ejectors enjoy a reputation of being particularly straightforward and robust in their functioning as well as being low in maintenance and wear. They are designed in a multitude of materials and optimised for their application purposes. The pumping effect is generated by means of a liquid or gaseous motive medium acting as energy carrier. The application field determines the shape of the flow cross-section which is designed individually dependent on the motive medium.

Transfer systems for air and oxygen Körting transfer systems for air and oxygen consist of the following products:

  • ejectors for waste water aeration
  • ejectors for introducing gaseous oxygen
  • jet pumps for pressurised dissolved air flotation
  • jet pumps for de-acidification of potable water

Transfer systems for ozone:

  • Introducing of ozone into liquids is an excellent application of Körting jet pumps for ozone transfer.

Venturi and jet scrubbers:

  • Körting Venturi and jet scrubbers offers various possibilities for the cleaning of waste gases.

Swirl droplet separator (DTA):

  • Körting swirl droplet separators guarantee a clean and maintenance-free operation.

Caustic recovery plants:

  • Körting caustic recovery plants protect the environment and save money in the textile industry.


  • Körting ejectors for a variety of applications are designed for different motive and suction media.


  • Read more about Körting mixing condensers and surface condensers for process-engineering applications.

Multi-stage steam jet vacuum systems:

  • Multi-stage steam jet vacuum systems by Körting - A combination of steam jet ejectors and mixing or surface condensers in order to generate vacuum levels for a wide range of applications.

Steam jet chilling plants and cooling systems:

  • Körting steam jet chilling plants can be ideally utilised whenever large chilling capacities have to be easily realised.

Körting ICE Condensation Vacuum System:

  • In an era of rising energy costs and stringent environmental regulations, the Körting ice condensation vacuum system is the number one choice for creating vacuums when refining or deodorising edible oil.

Steam jet heater:

  • Steam jet heater by Körting for heating liquids through direct steam feed for industrial processes as e.g. scrubbing, temperature control, sterilising and rinsing.

Liquid jet mixing nozzles and tank mixing systems:

  • Liquid jet mixing nozzles and tank mixing systems: Liquid jet mixing nozzles and tank mixing systems can be used instead of mechanical agitators and in many cases they even surpass their mixing results.
  • Waste gas cleaning and environmental technology
  • For many decades now the increasing number of possible applications of the Körting Hannover AG has distinguished themselves in diverse branches of industrial exploitation with great success.
  • In this context, Körting also provides an essential contribution towards the observation of emission regulations and therefore also protection of the environment.