SVC dry screw vacuum pumps and vacuum systems

SVC is established on advanced technologies and management philosophy of value creation with customers through New Adventure, New Technology, New Mechanism and an specialized company which manufactures global level vacuum pump and system.
SVC has been designing, manufacturing and supplying important process of Dry Screw Vacuum Pump & System, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump & System and Steam Ejector system. New technology of Dry Screw Vacuum Pump has been exporting to global markets such as USA, EU, China, India and satisfying customers of local leading companies.
SVC is doing their best with aiming of providing the best Vacuum Solution to give customer satisfaction based on over 30 years accumulated various experiences & data of specialized application know-how and perfect commissioning of company members in Chemical and General Industries.

Operating Principle Dry screw vacuum pumps operate with two screw rotors rotating in opposite directions. This traps the medium to be pumped between the cylinder and the screw chambers and transports it to be the gas discharge. Vacuum is formed by the principal of suction, compression and discharging through passing regular intervals of two small pitch.


  • Hybrid Combined Variable Pitch: developed by combining and maximizing advantages of both Single pitch and Variable pitch.
  • Special Casing Mechanism(Patented): To avoid corrosion by minimizing the condensation between first spiral and second spiral of screw inside of Dry Screw Vacuum Pump. and to minimize corrosion and abrasion through discharging process product smoothly.
  • 10-3 Torr High Vacuum
  • Maintaining Low Temp. with By Hydrodynamic Spiral structure
  • Minimizing Power Consumption with Power-saving Design
  • Enhanced the Durability by Special Coating
  • Minimizing condensation by Hot Pumping
  • Casing Mechanism for prevention condensation
  • Enhanced the Durability with applying Gas Purge Seal
  • Applied TCV and Prevention of Overheating (TE or TSS)
  • Cooling Gas is Not Necessary
  • Minimizing the condensation of process materials by using Gas Ballast
  • Improved the Durability by Seal Purge, Inlet Purge, Solvent Flush and Steam Flushing

Typical applications:

  • Reaction
  • Evaporation
  • Distillation
  • Refinery
  • Vapor Recovery (VRU)
  • Freeze Drying
  • Filtration
  • Pervaporation
  • Impregnation
  • Drying
  • Degassing
  • Steel Degassing
  • House Vacuum
  • Ship Building