Metal spraying

We undertake the repair of metal parts by metal spraying. We use cold metal spraying in our workshop, primarily working with ceramics (aluminum-oxide), stainless steel or chromium-oxide materials. During the process, the melt is applied to the surface at a high spread speed so the temperature of the part to be sprayed does not exceed 250 ° C.

Wear caused by bearings, seals and O-rings becomes easily repairable, so it is exceptionally suitable for repairing of different spare parts such as shafts, rings, alternating rods and other rotary parts. Metal spraying is a cost-effective option against production and replacement of the worn spare parts.

Metal spraying procedure serves two purposes: not only worn surface is being repaired, but a much harder, more wear-resistant layer is applied to the damaged surface of the damaged spare part than the original material of construction. Beside repairing the damaged surface service lifetime of the repaired spare part can be extended. 70-72 HRC surface hardness can be achieved on the sprayed surface.

Most common spare parts in our workshop for metal sraying:

  • Pump shafts
  • Gear box shafts
  • Electric motor shafts
  • Scraper blade heat-exchanger shafts, shaft ends
  • Piston rod
  • Filling machine rods
  • Any other type alternating rods
  • Rings, mechanical seals
  • Rotary joints
  • Shaft sleeves

We undertake a 6 month warranty on our work and materials installed by us.

The high quality of our services is guaranteed by the ISO 9001: 2001 quality assurance system introduced in 2002.