Haus separators

HAUS Group, established in 1954, now operates as a centrifuge manufacturer and service provider since 1989. The HAUS product range includes decanter centrifuge units (1 – 180 m3/h) and separators (4 – 15 m3/h).

HAUS Separators – Maxclean series

Separators provide an efficient way for the separation of two or three phase mixtures and suspensions of liquids and solids.

The separator continuously separates a solid and liquid or two liquid phase in a single stage by using high centrifugal force. Separator, by utilizing high centrifugal force, separates a solid and one or two liquid phases from each other continuously. As solids having higher density than liquids are pushed against the inner wall of the bowl and precipitated, the liquids having less density forms coaxial inner layers. The point that these two phases come across is called interface. This interface can be easily changed to get the best result.

Features of HAUS Separators

Material Quality

All parts which are directly in contact with the product are manufactured in Duplex Stainless Steel. The bowl parts are forged to highest standards and this results in a seamless bowl design and a structure that eliminates micro cracks.


The captured solid particles are discharged at intervals at full operating bowl speed. Depending on the machine model, full or partial discharges are performed by a hydraulic function that opens and closes the bowl.

Drive Mechanism

The rotating assembly is driven by an inverter controlled electric motor and a belt or gear driven spindle assembly coupled to the motor. The rotation speed is adjusted through the control panel. Anti-vibration mounts are fitted to the base frame which is bolted to floor to reduce vibration and noise.


The bearings and gears are independently lubricated from a single oil sump.


The lower and upper frames are manufactured by high quality casting. Depending on the application the frame can also be manufactured with stainless steel cladding.

Clean In Place (CIP)

The separators can be equipped with CIP system as an option.

The control panel handles the distribution of the inert gas in predetermined quantities into the separator chambers where dynamic seals are fitted. All electrical equipment and connections are ATEX certified.

Our professional service team – in cooperation with HAUS – is ready to provide high quality servicing and maintenance for your existing separator units of any make and model (HAUS, Alfa Laval, Pieralisi, GEA Westfalia, Andritz etc.).


  • Fruit juice: removal of sediment and solid particles
  • Milk: Clarification and skimming of milk and whey
  • Edible fats and oils: Purification and removal of solids
  • Mineral Oil: Purification of oil and removal of solids and water

ATEX separators:

  • Petrochemical processing
  • Pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology
  • Mineral processes
  • Extraction processes

ATEX disc stack separators are designed for the processing of potentially flammable and combustible products. The working principle is to inject an inert gas into the separator and expelling any oxygen from the separator.

This means that combustion is impossible making the processing of flammable combustible and explosive products safe and practicable.