Tacmina Smoothflow dosing pumps

The Smoothflow is the ideal way to transport liquids. This innovative method not only meets your liquid transfer needs, but also provides optimal solutions for liquids and the environment as well.

TACMINA Smoothflow technology is based on more than 50 years of innovation, experience and continuous improvement, providing outstanding performance in all situations.

Typical industries and applications

  • Chemical industry: Raw material transport / dosing, additives injection.
  • Food industry: Beverage production processes. Transport of food raw materials, injection of additives.
  • Semiconductor manufacturing: CMP (chemical-mechanical finishing), feed and circulation of EL chemicals.
  • Lithium battery cell manufacturing: all coating applications, beads mill pumps.
  • Precise coating: Manufacture of FPD and LCD films, optical film and magnetic tape.
  • Water treatment / disinfection: Industrial wastewater treatment, disinfection of urban waters / swimming pools / baths.
  • Boilers / air conditioning: Injection of boiler chemicals, deoxidants, air conditioning chemicals and algicides.

Benefits of using Tacmina Smoothflow pumps

  • Hermetically sealed system, no leaks.
  • The pumped material does not contact with the outside air and no foreign material enters it.
  • Gentle fluid transport. Will not damage even the most sensitive materials as there is no mixing, no shear, no strong local pressure and no temperature rise.
  • Constant and stable volume flow. No pulsation.
  • Lower equipment costs. Since there is no pulsation, there is no need for pulsation reducers, oversized piping and valves.
  • Precise control and monitoring is easy thanks to the constant volume flow.
  • Safe and reliable. Smaller diameters and longer pipes can be used safely due to the stable flow and pressure. Fewer auxiliary devices need to be built in the system.
  • Can run dry. There are no sliding parts in the pump, dry-running does not damage it.
  • Suspensions, slurries and high viscosity materials can also be transferred.
  • Easy to maintain, easy to install.
  • A wide variety of liquids can be transferred: foods, acids, alkalis, suspensions, emulsions, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, etc. The pump itself is made of materials suitable for the liquid to be dispensed.
  • Power saving. Since the motor load is even, the Smoothflow pump requires a smaller motor than other dosing pumps with the same delivery capacity.



High precision.

  • Hydraulic diaphragm drive
  • Ideal for tasks that require rigorous process control, such as optical film manufacturing, IT, and high-purity pharmaceutical processes.
  • Max. Flow rate (L / min): 0.1-30
  • Max. Pressure (bar): 5
  • Max. Viscosity (mPa·s ): 1000



  • Direct diaphragm drive
  • Difficult to dispense high viscosity liquids and suspensions. Food industry, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, HACPP compatibilty.
  • Max. Flow rate (L / min): 1-45
  • Max. Pressure (bar): 5
  • Max. Viscosity (mPa·s ): 20000



  • Direct diaphragm drive
  • Precise dosing of a wide range of liquids from general chemicals to delicate liquids.
  • Max. Flow rate (L / min): 0.009-3
  • Max. Pressure (bar): 5-15
  • Max. Viscosity (mPa·s ): 2000


Wide range

  • Direct diaphragm drive
  • Ideal for transporting liquids under high pressure, such as water treatment chemicals and high molecular weight coagulants, even over long distances.
  • Max. Flow rate (L / min): 0.05-80
  • Max. Pressure (bar): 5-15
  • Max. Viscosity (mPa·s ): 2000


High pressure

  • Direct diaphragm drive
  • Ideal for metered injection of difficult-to-transport chemical liquids, such as high temperature, high viscosity resins and flammable chemicals.
  • Also available in CIP construction
  • Max. Flow rate (L / min): 0.24-28
  • Max. Pressure (bar): 5-10
  • Max. Viscosity (mPa·s ): 2000


High pressure

  • Hydraulic diaphragm drive
  • Ideal for high pressure and metered injection of highly volatile chemicals, emulsions, latex and suspensions.
  • Load relief mechanism to prevent pump failure and accidents due to excessive pressure.
  • Max. Flow rate (L / min): 0.23-31
  • Max. Pressure (bar): 8-25
  • Max. Viscosity (mPa∙s): 50


High pressure

  • Piston diaphragm drive
  • Ideal for high precision, high pressure injection.
  • Max. Flow rate (L / min): 0.011-31
  • Max. Pressure (bar): 12-100
  • Max. Viscosity (mPa∙s): 50


Small quantities

  • Direct diaphragm drive
  • Can be used for precision transfer of small amounts of chemicals in laboratory procedures such as addition, mixing and chemical reactions.
  • Max. Flow rate (L / min): 0.005-0.1
  • Max. Pressure (bar): 3-30
  • Max. Viscosity (mPa∙s): 50-200


High precision

  • Direct drive
  • Ideal for processes where the right amount of coating solution, electrode material and other similar liquids need to be added.
  • Max. Flow rate (L / min): 0.14-2.5
  • Max. Pressure (bar): 5
  • Max. Viscosity (mPa∙s): 10000


High viscosity

  • Direct drive
  • Ideal for transferring high viscosity / highly concentrated liquids such as battery material, paints, adhesives and resins.
  • Max. Flow rate (L / min): 1.6-10
  • Max. Pressure (bar): 5
  • Max. Viscosity (mPa∙s): 300,000