Flowplant Jetters, High Pressure Pumps & Systems

Flowplant’s products have reputation for technical excellence, reliability and longevity; qualities which come from more than fifty years of manufacturing experience.

Flowplant is a member of the Water Jetting Association (WJA) and the company has attained a number of externally verified quality standard.

Flowplant has among its customers some of the world’s most prestigious, high profile, technically demanding corporations.

Market Segments

  • Drain and Sewer Cleaning
  • Telecom Duct Desilting
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Defence: Navy & Air Force
  • Manufacturing & Process Industry
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Industrial Cleaning Contractors
  • Mining

Product range

  • Aqua triplex plunger pump
  • Harben radial piston diaphragm pump
  • Drain / sewer cleaning machines
    • Trailer units
    • Van pack
    • Truck mounted
  • Water jetting machines
  • Diesel engine / electric motor driven
  • Skid / frame / container / trailer mounted
  • Offshore
  • Special build / bespoke unit to customer specifications
  • Equipment for the oil & gas industry
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Flushing unit
  • Subsea pumps

Benefits of using Flowplant products

  • 50 years high-tech designing and production experience by the latest technologies.
  • Product range extends up to 3000 bar operating pressure and the systems can suit many globally recognised standards including ATEX, Norsok and DNV.
  • Harben radial piston diaphragm pump is unique in its ability to run dry without damage.
  • Aqua triplex pumps are so rugged and reliable they can operate in the most hostile conditions.
  • All the products have a proven track record in technical excellence, reliability and longevity, so the customers return year after year for new high pressure pumping solutions.
  • Flowplant high-pressure triplex piston and radial piston diaphragm pumps form the basis of systems that can be used to clean pipe and sewer networks at low cost and quickly.

Flowplant products are suitable for the rigorous standards:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • BS:EN 1829-1 high pressure water jet machines
  • DNV 2.7-1
  • ATEX 2014/34/EU
  • Norsok Z-015
  • Rolls Royce Approved Nuclear Pumps

Flowplant products

Aqua triplex high pressure plunger pump

  • The compact design provides a highly favourable power-to-size ratio, and the lay shaft design allows driving of the pump, through either a pulley, flexible coupling or carden shaft.
  • Maintenance of the Aqua® pump range is confined to routine periodic checks and oil changes. Servicing is carried out without the need for special tools, reducing downtime to a minimum.
  • Two models pumps:
    • AHF 215
    • AHF 308
  • Pressures up to 1000 bar
  • Flow rates up to 390 l/min
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Power rating up to 110kW
  • Variety of plungers / gearbox sizes available to give wide variation in performance

Harben Pumps

The unique Harben radial piston diaphragm pumps are the best performing and most reliable high pressure diaphragm pumps on the market today. Harben pumps offer many benefits across different applications and industries.

  • High pressure radial plunger-diaphragm pump combination
  • Highly flexible – can be used in many different applications
  • Diesel engine, electric motor, hydraulic motor drive options
  • Skid, trailer, container mounted options available
  • ATEX versions (Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous area certification)
  • Pumps can be operated subsea
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Extremely reliable, with low maintenance requirements.
  • Very easy to service/repair
  • Multiple cylinders provides very smooth flow
  • Unrivalled reliability and low running costs
  • Pump can run dry without damage
  • Filtration to 150 microns
  • Pumps low lubricity fluids with ease
  • Simple to pressure compensate

Harben Cable Duct Desilter Systems

Available on a range of Harben units.

Water ingress and run off from the road carries silt into the ducts often blocking them completely. The low pressure / low flow Harben desilting system can unblock and clean the duct with no danger of damaging in-situ cables. Single pass runs up to 200m are achievable allowing the duct to be roped for future cabling access.

  • Up to 300m cleaning range from one entry point !
  • Low pressure / low flow operation for safety
  • Cable ducts from 100mm to 250mm diameter
  • Unblock, desilt and rope in one operation
  • New heavy duty Harben LB “Jump Jet” pump
  • High capacity hose reel
  • Lightweight low friction desilter hose
  • High efficiency desilter nozzles

Drain jetters

  • Manufactured to the ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance
  • Fully compliant with industry regulations: BS EN 1829 parts 1 and 2.
  • Flowplant have been building bespoke units for over 30 years
  • UK based engineering team design machines to customer specifications
  • Units supplied to industry standards
  • Flowplant will source bareshaft pumps from alternative manufacturers if necessary to build a unit to customer specifications
  • ATEX certification available
  • Approved Water Jetting Association safety training available
  • Four main types:
    • Van pack drain jetters
    • Trailer mounted drain jetters
    • Truck mounted jetters
    • Skid jetters