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SAER ELETTROPOMPE S.p.A.was founded in Guastalla, Reggio Emilia, Italy in 1951 by Carlo Favella, and the company still produces all its products there.

The founder, who was responsible for grinding work in a well-known Reggio Emilia company in the 1950s, used his passion for engineering coupled with his business acumen to build up a company producing high-quality pumps for domestic and agricultural use. The green colour characteristic of SAER pumps was chosen as a reference to the agricultural sector, which was undergoing strong growth in the post-war period in the Emilia region where SAER is based.

SAER's Motor Division is entirely dedicated to the production of surface (currently up to 55 kW) and submersible motors (from 4'' to 12'', up to 300 kW).


  • SURFACE MOTORS – More than 1,000 per day
  • SUBMERSIBLE MOTORS – 4'' more than 300 per day, 6''-12'' more than 100 per day

The oil filled version has been designed to offer customers an efficient product at a highly competitive price.

The water-filled motor (MS) is available both with standard winding and with double insulation for hot water. This applies to all other SAER MS series motors.

SAER motors can be used in a wide range of fields of application, from agriculture to offshore and mining. On request, motors for horizontal operation and with key shaft are available.

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