Mobile washers for large process equipment

With the mobile chemical equipment washer, large scale equipments used in the chemical industry can be maintained end cleaned both fast and cost efficiently. Regular cleaning of chemical equipments can reduce or completely remove clogging and deposits, thus keeping processes at peak efficiency. Disassembly-cleaning-assembly is an expensive and time-consuming operation. Instead of this we developed an efficient closed loop flushing unit which is capable for the chemical cleaning of large and complex devices that are difficult to disassemble.

In which applications can the self-contained flushing unit be used?

  • Internal cleaning of Distillation columns
  • Internal cleaning of Heat exchangers, air coolers
  • Internal cleaning of Cooling and heating equipment
  • Internal cleaning of Reactors

How does the self-contained flushing unit work?

  • The unit is connected to the process equipment to be cleaned then the loop is filled with water from an external source. A metered amount of solvent is then added via the unit’s own dosing pump and IBC tank at a required concentration.
  • The centrifugal pump of the unit circulates the cleaning solution in a closed system.
  • The solution can be heated with steam for better result through the unit’s heat exchanger. The same HE can be used to cool down the batch while still circulating for safe disposal.
  • Dual high-capacity filters catch any larger solids dislodged from the process equipment.
  • The contaminated cleaning solution is then drained to an external tank or the plant sewage system for treatment.

What is the structure of the self-contained flushing unit?

  • The unit is mounted on a standard 20’ shipping container frame.
  • The solvent container is connected to the unit via a flexible hose and a Camlock connector for quick replacement. The solvent is metered by a precise dosing pump.
  • The solvent is connected to the common pipe upstream the filters. The cleaning solution is circulated by two single-stage centrifugal pumps operating in single or parallel mode.
  • Cooling / heating of the cleaning solution is provided by a plate heat exchanger. Steam at a pressure of up to10 bar can also be used to heat the liquid.
  • Pressure and temperature gauges are placed at all relevant locations on the unit.
  • The unit is controlled and monitored by a PLC with touchscreen HMI.

What are the features and benefits of the self-contained flushing unit’s closed-system nature?

  • It is not necessary to completely flush the remaining CH from the process.
  • No need to disassemble the equipment.
  • No hazardous waste is released into the environment from the closed system process.
  • Full PLC control for reliable operation.
  • Reliable, high-quality built-in components and certified welds throughout the construction.
  • Built into a standard 20 'container for transportability.