Teikoku sealless canned motor pumps

Teikoku was established in 1939 in Osaka, Japan. The company specializes in totally enclosed sealless canned motor pumps, which have been continuously developed to perform special tasks where the medium to be pumped must not come into contact with anything outside the system. Typical applications are in the refinery, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, battery, nuclear, food, beverage, power, plastics, reverse osmosis, boiler feed, air conditioning and refrigeration industries and in many specialized fluid handling processes.

Canned motor pumps require significantly less maintenance than pumps with mechanical seals or magnetically coupled pumps. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in February 2005, Teikoku Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. is the world’s largest supplier of sealless canned motor pumps, with more than 400,000 units installed worldwide, operating leak-free and with high reliability.

Advantages of canned motor pumps:

  • completely leakproof

  • ensures that the medium does not come into contact with the atmosphere

  • wide temperature and pressure range

  • no lubrication required

  • lightweight & compact

  • silent operation

Teikoku has an additional advantage with the TRG (Teikoku Rotary Guardian) bearing wear indicator, which comes as standard equipment for every Teikoku pump. This sensor measures the axial and radial displacement of the pump’s rotor. The displacement can be read from the scaled instrument on the pump body. Also, the analog signal of the instrument can be connected to the plant DCS, allowing for more efficient maintenance scheduling and prevention of unexpected pump failure.

Main areas of use of Teikoku sealless canned motor pumps:

  • chemical industry

  • petroleum refining and petrochemical industry

  • nuclear technology

  • pharmaceutical industry

  • food industry

  • battery production

  • textile and cosmetics industry


Our Teikoku pumps are ideal for leakproof tasks and transporting sludge-free liquids. The product range spans from 0.1 to 500 kW and is available in both horizontal and vertical designs, as well as in a self-priming version, or with a cooling / heating jacket.

  • F-V type: standard design, horizontal arrangement, internal circulation through hollow shaft.

  • FA-V type: standard design, with an extended range of motor-pump combinations.

  • RW / RV type: vertical arrangement, easy venting, low bearing load, external circulation. It is recommended for media with low viscosity and high vapor pressure. Also available with internal circulation with type designation FW / FV.

  • R type: horizontal arrangement, external circulation. For handling volatile compounds, liquid gases, for applications with a low NPSH value.

  • K / K-S type: equipped with heating jacket. For media with high melting points.

  • D type: for fluids that may contain a small amount of fine solids. An internal mechanical seal protects the motor.

  • XG type: for transporting fluids that contain a high concentration of fine solids.

  • G type: self priming version, for emptying underground tanks and tankers.

  • B type: for high temperatures, the motor is cooled by a cooling jacket, plus the fluid is recirculated to the motor through a heat exchanger.

  • X type: for high temperatures. Thanks to its unique winding insulation, the motor does not require additional cooling, resulting in a zero utility requirement.

  • L type: specially designed pump for absorption refrigerator applications