Teikoku sealless canned motor pumps

Teikoku was founded in 1939 in Osaka Japan The company is specialized in the canned motor pumps businesses. Its product line of canned motor pumps ranges from fractional horsepower through units rated at several hundred kilowatts each and are applied worldwide in the refinery, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear, food, beverage, power, plastics, reverse osmosis, boiler feed, air conditioning and refrigeration industries and in many specialized fluid handling processes. Its "Live with Customers" philosophy has enabled Teikoku to successfully expand its range of products from the very basic canned motor pump design to highly specialized units for difficult fluid pumping applications such as phenol, phosgene, ethane, propane, pure & DI water, EO, liquid Chlorine, hot oil and cryogenic liquids. Teikoku Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd., listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in February of 2005, is the world's largest supplier of sealless, canned motor pumps with over 400,000 units installed worldwide and operating, leak-free, with high reliability.