Doseuro piston and diaphragm dosing pumps

Doseuro is a combination of two capabilities: the first is a solid technical knowledge, obtained during a multi-year experience in the dosing field, while the second is a commercial understanding of the changes in this field and sensitivity to our customers' requirements.

The continuous research and principal effort directed to the customer satisfaction are the fundamental reasons of Doseuro success, which is widely confirmed by the thousands of plants working worldwide with our pumps.
Each of our products speaks for itself.
High reliability is achieved by constant product development, updating production techniques, everlasting quality control and rigorous testing at all stages of production.

Each dosing pump model has been carefully designed, built and tested to ensure a long and useful life.
The latest new DOSEURO product to improve the already well known high performance pumps. Quickly and Easily is the RAPIDA s motto, thanks to display, control board and different function that allow to immediately adjust the pump setting.

All Doseuro pumps are fitted as standard with top quality 4 pole electric motors that conform to the UNEL-MEC specifications, and range from 0.09-4.0 kW at European standard 3 phase voltages of 230/400V @ 50Hz. Non standard motors are available to many alternative specifications, including different voltages and frequencies, insulation standards, and special explosion-proof versions.

The dosing rate is fully adjustable via a manually controlled eccentric cam mechanism with spring return, or positive displacement plunger according to API standard 675. Automatic adjustment is available by means of servo-control motors, pneumatic control or motor frequency control, interface PROFIBUS or other BUS, if required. The reduction system, made of an endless screw coupled to a worm-wheel, makes the gearbox very strong.

Plunger metering pumps are suitable in case that:

  • The dosed liquid is a non abrasive solution
  • A drip proof system is not essential
  • High pressure is required

Diaphragm pumps are suitable in case that:

  • The dosed liquid contains small amounts of suspended solids
  • The dosed liquid is a toxic solution
  • A drip proof/air tight application is required
  • High pressure is not required

Accuracy is better than 1% from 10 to 100% of maximum output.