Piller industrial fans

Since 1909 Piller has had a leading market position for the conception and production of centrifugal fans for all conceivable areas of industrial applications. Co-operating with competent plant manufacturers, Piller offers a wide range of special fans, list fans and all-round fan system solutions for different types of centrifugal fan applications. This enables Piller to offer a comprehensive range of models with staged performance ranges for diverse possible uses in all types of different applications. Our partner has profound knowledge of dealing with low and high gas temperatures (-180°C to +1150°C) as well as dealing with corrosion, wear and dust caking have helped is to reach our position among the leading special fan manufacturers in the international competition. Thus, single stage centrifugal fans are available today for total pressure differences of up to 30 kPa, for volumetric flows of up to 1,000,000 m3/h. To this end, our partner supplies 2- to 4-stage centrifugal fans which, depending on the volumetric flow, are designed for total pressure differences of up to 110 kPa.