Boldrocchi TE cooling towers

Thanks to its long-established expertise as well as technical and operational potential in the specific area of heat exchange, Boldrocchi has been engineering and building industrial cooling towers and industrial evaporative coolers for over 40 years which complement other Boldrocchi's products with the same level of reliability.

When within an industrial process there are thermal cycles (necessary to carry out the process e.g. Temperature or generated by the process e.g. Heating oil presses), it is necessary to remove the unused heat or produced in excess in order to continue the process.
Not eliminated heat would accumulate where produced and make impossible to continue production.
It's, absolutely the most flexible and economical system to cool down industrial water; in effect, is, by far, the most used system in industries that have to cool down large quantities of water.
The water cooling is obtained facilitating the evaporation of a small quantity of the same water.
The reference value that restrict the process, it's the one related to the wet bulb of the air.

Also in water cooling towers, in need, the temperature of cooled water, can decrease at the drop of the external values of the air.
That is, it's possible to realize an eco-save, reducing the air capacity.
The machineries that perform this type of cooling are known as "evaporation towers" or "cooling towers".
Essentially they are made up from a case of containment of components, from a distribution water system, from a "filling", from a collecting tank of the cooled water and from a fan that produce an air flow through the "filling".
In the filling, where the water to be cooled and the air joint in a intimate contact, a small quantity of water (about 4 – 5% of the flow) evaporate detracting heat from the remaining body of water.

By using the physics principle of evaporation, cooling towers cool small or large amounts of water.
There are several different types of industries which use small or large amounts of water in order to cool their systems or plants.
To avoid the waste of water, whose provision and waste disposal are becoming more and more problematic, Boldrocci TE water cooling towers prove to be undoubtedly the most practical solution.
They are safe, reliable, extremely versatile and are the perfect answer to small, medium and medium-large requirements.
They are engineered considering extreme conditions providing only tested solutions and bearing in mind that any selection made is subject to unforeseeable events.
These towers are characterized by a robust structure and are engineered and manufactured to last without major maintenance. They retain some features which unfortunately are no longer deemed fundamental, such as the many internal frames or the main headers of the water distribution internal system.
Long life is guaranteed by an essential element, painting, as it protects the galvanized sheet metal components especially in those areas where the zinc coating has been removed due to machining.
Boldrocchi TE cooling tower has been made simple thanks to extremely careful design and impeccable manufacturing; the utmost attention has been devoted to the essential parts while specific contribution has been left to the accessories, when needs be.
Sizes and technical solutions (always deriving from careful designing) can be easily adjusted to complex systems: they will not fail any expectations in terms of versatility and safety.
Our design ensures the accomplishment of highly customized solutions in full compliance with unaltered safety.